Not Denied

There are many disappointments in life that can leave one in a tragic state. While some are able to bounce back with

Not Denied2021-09-14T06:22:11+00:00

Hear Me

A child woke up and called out but there was no-one to hear their  cry. They wanted a day of peace, safety

Hear Me2021-09-14T06:20:47+00:00

The Endurance

Endurance is the flow of energy strength running through your body and mind. The power given to you to live a full

The Endurance2021-09-14T06:19:45+00:00

Who Is A Bully #BullyFree 

Who is a Bully?  A person who's behavior under estimates the lives and legacy of another  Behavior Under estimates the Lives &

Who Is A Bully #BullyFree 2020-09-07T15:28:50+00:00

I Can’t Hear You

What, Huhhhh, I can't hear you! The words I use when I'm tuning out anything that goes against what I believe. I

I Can’t Hear You2020-09-07T15:28:34+00:00

Who Are You?

Let's think about, ok so you want to change your diet because you saw Mary change her diet and she is looking

Who Are You?2020-09-07T14:59:55+00:00

Revived Hope

Life has a way of taking you through hidden and untapped emotions. It takes you on twist and twirls and let’s not

Revived Hope2020-09-07T14:54:33+00:00

A Call for Partnership Empowerment Essence Inc

Empowerment Essence is a 501(c)3 organization registered and established in Maryland Oct. 2014. We are here to help those affected by Suicide

A Call for Partnership Empowerment Essence Inc2020-09-07T15:15:53+00:00
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