The Release

Last time they saw you, you were in a different place. The healed version of you thinks, believes, sees and understands things differently. Some you will not be able to reconnect with for an array of reasons but the most important one is the purpose and calling on your life! The 2nd most important one is… Your healing journey… Don’t interrupt that!
To remain on your healing journey you must do what?
  1. Keep doing the work.. Healing goes deeper than we can think
  2. Remove yourself from environments that are damaging to your healing.
  3. Give yourself time
To remain in your purpose and focused on your calling, you’ll have to say No, ignore a call, text or message. You’ll watch where you go and who you’re around. You will also be ok with being alone at times. In the alone time there is discovery.
Leave the world a better place than your past. Begin your fresh start.
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