Hear Me

A child woke up and called out but there was no-one to hear their  cry. They wanted a day of peace, safety and security but could not bare another day of torment, betrayal and mockery. Tears rolled down on the inside as they just could not understand why this treatment was apart of their everyday. Why when they looked in the mirror all they saw was their pain.
I don’t want to go they said to their parent(s), guardian, sister(s), brother(s), and sometimes their one friend but unfortunately they were forced with no-one to defend them in the end. Kids will be kids one teacher told this hurting child, you have to learn to fight said another. They tried to hold it together each and every day but the pain just worsened which brought them to this day. We cried and cried with no understanding of why, til we found a letter which brought forth the undying cry.
Dear folks
I can’t take the bullying anymore. I can’t be forced to go on with little to no support. I know you may think I weak and that may be so. I just want you all to know the reason I decided to go. NO BULLYING ME NO MORE.
Bullying takes the life out of so many of our youth, which leads to depression, harmful activities and also suicide. It’s important that we listen to the silent cries. Times have changed and are more intense. We must let our intensity to end bullying and suicide scream from the roof tops. Reporting all incidents, referring those who need help and supporting the survivors. Let’s not loose another to this unfair & unjust behavior.
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