The Endurance

Endurance is the flow of energy strength running through your body and mind. The power given to you to live a full life. The magnitude of assurance that the mornings will be greater than the pain of last night. When the pains and hardships fall upon one be reminded that all trouble and pain has an expiration day. When the hope that you hold on to seems to be clouded be reminded that you are greater than the pain that is trying to take hold of your mind.
Be reminded that those who you don’t know and see are praying and believing for you. Angels surround you and the Lord comforts you. Let nothing take your light but let the glory of his love shine bright in the mist of your dark times. There is nothing more important than loving yourself and loving your progress. There is nothing that can keep you down for you are lifted up.
Dear sweet beloved, I know the days have gotten longer, the friends you had may now be gone, the understanding you seek may be hard to see but hold on greater is coming. It may not be as fast as you desire but let’s change the focus from what you don’t see and let it be on things that are to come. You are never alone in the quest of life and the life before you will be one of a story of overcoming and deliverance. I know you may not know it but know today you are loved. Be strengthened and be reminded that you matter and life matters.
With Love and Support
Empowerment Essence
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