Not Denied

There are many disappointments in life that can leave one in a tragic state. While some are able to bounce back with no stigma of being a failure many others have such a difficult time.
The pressure to appease family, friends and others is heavy. If one feels they have failed they can begin to question their reason for being. Some are shunned out by school groups, family, society, insurance companies and employment opportunities etc. because of mistakes and or what others consider to be failure in life.
Recovery from set backs are possible. Each time an individual falls or does not succeed at a task at hand, personal or professional it does not count them out. Being a guided light and encouragement for another can help reduce the toxic thinking of failure. It can reduce depression, anxiety and suicides.
Our youth and young adults are having a huge problem with this. So many are being told they won’t make it or you’re not good enough. These words are life threatening and come from different individuals in their life or come in contact with. It could be because of their status, where they live, what they do, what school they did not attend etc.
Today we can start to help others look at disappointments or so called failure in a different light. Looking at each as an opportunity to discover another way or grow. No more being denied, no more looking noses down at others, no more negative words about others but it is time to lift up, guide, encourage and support. There is no one who has never missed it, made a mistake or got it wrong. Remember we all matter, lives matter and recovery is real. 
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