Preventing Suicide Through Empowerment

Company Overview

Founded in 2014, Empowerment Essence is a survivor founded, community health organization that gives support those affected by bullying and suicide nationwide and internationally.  We are providing advocacy, programs, support groups, workshops, community outreach, education, cultural arts, life skills all supporting suicide prevention, anti-bullying. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for youth and young adults ages 10 to 24.


Empowerment Essence is dedicated to saving and empowering individuals to live and not die by suicide. We are supporting and restoring hope to those affected by suicide and bullying. 


Our mission is to eradicate suicide and bullying for youth and young adults.

We accomplish this through educational workshops surrounding all aspects of mental health. We provide community trainings, awareness campaigns, counseling referral services, mentoring-life skills programs, partnerships, resources, and referrals to other mental and behavioral health organizations-facilities. 

The Vision

We believe suicides are preventable and individuals can live healthy, well balanced lives with or without a mental illness or disorder.

The Philosophy

One Life Saved Is One Life Given

Empowerment Essence advocates for suicide survivors, attempters and those affected by bullying. We desire all to live a healthy, safe and well balanced life. We will also be producing productions, and projects that enlighten and empower our youth and young adults.

The Results

Raising greater awareness in the area of suicide prevention and bullying. Our projects and programs are designed to positively impact individuals, communities and all in whom we come in contact with


Our PSAs and other film productions will allow suicide survivors, attempters including bullying victims and survivors the opportunity to tell their story and save another’s life. We work to empower youth and young adults to live. #lifematters One Life Saved Is One Life Given