Seeing Clearly

There are things in life that are important and of value. Be sure you know the difference. Give your attention and energy to those areas that encourage change, empowerment and LOVE. These are missing in a world of darkness, denial, hurt and pain. 
Some people in your life that you need to see who they clearly are, so you can move accordingly in love and with distance as needed. We can’t go east driving west and we won’t achieve our goals stopping at every exit exploring.  You can’t afford to lose focus of the purpose on your life. You should not keep trying to fit in when you were called to stand out!
Today pause and be still. Listen and see clearly where you want to go in life, where you need  to go, what do you need and want to do to achieve your dreams and goals! Remember leave                                                                                       room for God’s directing and redirecting.
                                                                                     With Love
                                                                                    ~ Dr. Shenetta Malkia
                                                                                     EmpoweredLifeQueen #UnstoppableWarriorWoman
                                                                             | Be not nauseous over nonsense
                                                                                    Let’s fight a lot longer #LifeMatters
I know you have been through much
I know they said you don’t matter
I know life has been rough
I know you made repeated mistakes
I know you couldn’t control it all
I know you want peace
I know you want to be love
I know you want to be cared for
I know they said you did to much
#EmpoweredLifeQueen #empowermentessence
#lifematters #antibullying #bullyingprevention #suicideprevention
#mentalhealthmatters #advocate #live
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