Volunteer & Advocates

You can help empower and save the lives of our youth and young adults by sharing your time, talent and resources as a local community volunteer. We need your help to empower and save lives. You, Yes you can help share the word and our messages that Life Matters and You Matter. We together can aid in eradicating suicide and bullying. Being a part of the support system of continual care will help our youth, young adults and those in their lives. Share the message “One Life Saved Is One Life Given”.


Weather you volunteer at a training, event or summit, mentor one of our beloved youth or young adults, advocate on the behalf of Empowerment Essence, it will make a difference. There are many diverse community volunteer opportunities some of which include: personal fundraising, working in our offices, participating in our trainings and or events, encouraging our youth with materials and inspirational messages, donating and so much more. If you are looking for community volunteer ideas that make a difference explore contact Empowerment Essence today. Our community volunteer opportunities allow you and your group to use your special talents to help save the lives or our youth and young adults so they can live a full, healthy, empowered life.


Also, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our volunteer opportunities or with your community volunteer ideas.


We thank you for taking the stand and being a voice! NO BULLYING & ZERO SUICIDES is the mission, contact us today. 

Become a Sponsor

Empowerment Essence has one mission eradicate suicide and bullying. Suicide is the number two leading cause of death among our youth and young adults ages 10-24. With continual care and support we can make the difference. Becoming a corporate or private sponsor will give life back to our youth and young adults while empowering them to live long healthy lives and become the next generation to make a difference. For years there has been research and we have more to do. Outside of research we must have the bridge to connect the possibilities of hope to those in need. Through our partnerships we can give those in need the greater opportunity ever TO LIVE. We enable our supporters to personally take action in the mission.


Supporting Empowerment Essene will enables your company to be affiliated with a grassroots organization working to eradicate bullying and suicides through our programs and services.


We invite you to be a part of the various sponsorship and marketing opportunities Empowerment Essence has to offer throughout the year. It is a tremendous opportunity to help save lives, attract new customers and show your commitment to supporting your community.


For details on sponsorship and marketing opportunities contact us today


I share my story of bullying and suicide survival praying it will save the life of another. It’s ok to not be ok and reach out for help. Help saved my life.

Shenetta Malkia

Bullying & Two Time Survivor

Tell your Story

Sharing your personal story with transparency can and will help another in need. So may feel they are alone and no one understands but there are many of us that do. From bullying to suicide, we all have a story of survival, healing and coping. If you have survived bullying or a suicide attempt, please share your story with us. It will help save the life of another.


If you have lost someone to suicide, you are not alone either. There are many survivors who have been and still are in your similar shoes. Survivors are learning to live a new normal life with support and hope. The words of others who have survived a suicide loss can help through difficult times. As each person experience of a suicide loss is different, we want stories in your own words. You can honor and your beloved with a message of hope for another.


To submit your story, contact Empowerment Essence today so another may be encouraged and does not lose hope. All stories will be published here so please include a picture of your beloved or yourself as you are comfortable. Let your beloved never be forgotten.