Training - Mental Health

The Why: My Mental Health Matters

Say this for me, “My Mental Health Matters” The mental health and mental wellbeing of our communities is greatly ignored and neglected. With the current state of nation more and more lives taken by suicide it’s beyond important that we start, continue and push for more and more mental health workshops and series. The lives of all matter and the minds that are being taken over with sorrow can be helped and healed.

Series 1: The Male Experience

Module 1: Manhood & Mental Health “What Does That Mean”

Module 2: “Breaking The Silence” Part 1 with Brandon Johnson”

Module 3: “Breaking The Silence” Part 2 with Brandon Johnson”

Series 2: The Youth Experience

Module 1: “Just For Me YOUTH Series with Queen Kay of Kay Collections”

Module 2: “Just For Me (YOUTH) with Miss Black MD USA 2020 Queen Elizabeth”

Series 3: The Female Experience

Queens, no matter where you’ve been, you have a clean slate! Live with great purpose & heal! The way forward! You Matter & We love You Together Queens, We Rise, Love, Heal & Live. You are my sister!

Module 1: “Crown Check Mental Health Series Week 5 with Queen Lonnie Grant”

Module 2: My Clean Slate “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”