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Bullying & Suicides are preventable! Through public awareness, education, training, continual care, counseling, resources, research and mentoring we together can reduce the SECOND leading cause of death among youth and young adults ages 10-24.


Become familiar with suicide and bullying warning signs. Be aware when someone is in crisis and experiencing trauma. Learn more today!

The cards are linkages for help and a voice for those who can’t find it hard to say Help.

Empowerment Essence provides bullying workshops and assemblies for youth and young adults, suicide prevention and post prevention trainings. Click below for more information.

Empowerment Essence online workshops and resources are designed to help survivors, those contemplating and attempters deal with real life situations in the area of bullying and suicide. Life experiences and situations cause suffering and emotional distress but hope & healing is real. Start the process today.


Cast Not Down Those Who Are Gone

I didn’t mean to hurt you or cause you any pain. I didn’t mean to cause you any grief from my grave. The life I lived was filled with disappointment, shame, heartache and pain. I did not want to die, I just wanted relief from my pain. I understand your hurting now and I never meant for that, I wish I knew how to relieve you from of that.


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Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. -Jenn Proske