Revived Hope


Life has a way of taking you through hidden and untapped emotions. It takes you on twist and twirls and let’s not forget the influences, memories experiences, failures or so we thought and uncertainty. There is however Hope undiscovered. It’s not from and through just people but from the one who established HOPE him very self.

Job 11:18 NIV You will be secure because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.

Today let’s begin the journey! It’s not too much. It’s just a reconnection and a reestablishment of your Hope, Faith, Believeth and Love for yourself, life and the possibilities within. Let’s LIVE.

 Hope Assignment: This week let’s make a list of things you are hoping for. It could be an extra 10 mins in the morning, less doctor visits, a new job or just for peace of mind. I have great news for you, no matter what it is, It’s possible! Let’s go get your stuff. 

I Hope: Assignment: For the next 5 days make the list of things you are hoping for. Make a Confirmation Board. Use pictures, colors or anything to make it yours and then each day thank God that it has come to pass. Today I am hoping for your peace of mind. Here is my confession. 

Dear Lord, thank you for peace of mind for your beloved. I know that the peace you give is like no other. Thank you for their increased peace. Thank you for your love. May they feel it today. AMEN.

Your Turn: Your Hope Prayer


 “Hope in the slightest can empower a nation” ~Malkia

1.       How does it feel to have hope again? What strength(s) do you find in hope?

2.       What is hope to you?

3.       What does your life look like with obtaining the things you hope and believe for?

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