How many morning and days have felt like life was screaming so many things at you?
Be this, do that, go here, don’t forget that and don’t be late! How many times have you stressed because of all the thoughts negative and good, had you on edge? How many times have the negative overcome the positive and then taken over your thoughts? This can change as light overcomes all darkness. We shine hope and love your way this day.

If were are honest, so many feel this daily. Some call it anxiety while others call it pressure. Both are areas in mental heath that need a better understanding. While many don’t under how pressures and anxiety effects the daily lives for many, we do and want you to know you are not alone.

You can quiet the noise in your head, you can distress and allow anxiety to leave you. Let’s take a step back from everything and work with the 1 thing that gives you strength to do all you need to do in a healthy manner. #Grace

You may not get it all done in one day but progress without perfection is OK.
If it’s overwhelming you just a small prayer for you today. Help Me Lord. Amen

He is always there and we touch and agree your stress and anxiety be little to nothing each day.

PS: If and when it is heavy, give it to the King. You are loved. #LifeMatters #YouMatter

Cast your cares on me for I care for you. #God

#EmpoweredLifeQueen #EmpoweredLifeCoach

Written by Malkia

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