Bully & Life Recovery

Love Yourself

From your ashes will a greater you be born. After what some thought would ruin you, emerges a new you. The taunting, teasing and dismemberment of who you really are can take alot out of you. People’s own hurt, pain and rejection can put them in a very bad position in wanting to tear others down. The love they desire that is absent, can’t be seen or felt in their own lives causes them to try and take the life of purity and love from others. Your greatness is true. You are the light, love and reflection so many need.

Don’t put away your smile, creativity, purpose, positivity, education, or anything else that makes you the unique individual you are. For your gifts like the gifts in others is needed to help the world function. A day without your smile is like 1000 years in silence and torment. Brighten up the day with your rainbow of ideas and expression. Live the life you dream and take each day into your hands without releasing it until you see what you desire. Let the memories of past hurt be erased and replaced with the new possibilities of love,hope and life. Come forth it’s not over and your life matters.
#ZeroSuicide #SuicidePrevention #ZeroBullying #LifeMatters #YouMatter

Written by Shenetta Malkia

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