Cast Not Down Those Who Are Gone

I didn’t mean to hurt you or cause you any pain. I didn’t mean to cause you any grief from my grave. The life I lived was filled with disappointment, shame, heartache and pain. I did not want to die, I just wanted relief from my pain. I understand your hurting now and I never meant for that, I wish I knew how to relieve you from of that. You see the support I needed I could not reach out too. It felt to painful and embarrassing too. My illness inside kept me deprived, I called from within but felt no more alive. Selfish I know is what you may think but stop for a moment and try to think. I tried the doctors, therapist and medicine too but I felt it all failed, what else was I to do. There is more hope and help for others today, so please be not angry and just try to pray. Pray for those who are still here, pray for those who almost joined me but hope pushed them through for if not for hope another may be here too. My love for you will never change and I’m with you in spirit so please honor my name thou my action I can not change. I do wish could!

With Love

When a person dies by suicide the last thing they want is to disrupt the life of another, for they feel their life was disrupted by the events and suffering they were experiencing. To judge one who is hurting or has gone on will cause further damage and not help another live on. We all have different levels of being able to deal with stress and we all have our very own mess. While you are able to carry through, there may be someone hurting right next to you. The anger inside eats away at many they hope for tomorrow lifts the burdens of today. Life is not able to be written out in a text book which is why we must be aware of what someone else is going through. Being judged is an area that takes place while many are here and being judged when they are gone leaves more in unaware. Suicides are preventable with a wealth of knowledge about signs, medical & mental help, support, medicine for some and LOVE. Out of all of these understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others and where they are mentally will help others live and not die. There is someone in a place of darkness today, with your help we can save their day. Acknowledgement of the root of their pain and effective treatment and life plans with assistance will bring deliverance. Not constantly labeling someone as depressed is another area that will help. While we know what they are experiencing we must pour into their lives something greater that what they can see. Let’s change and replace the stigma that they are what we see today, for tomorrow changed through thinking differently about their or your today. If an individual is experiencing depression, consistently called them depressed will further the trauma. Let’s start speaking hope into the lives of others. Speaking life into their situations with sincerity. Let’s ensure programs and resources are available to those who can and can’t afford treatment and services. Let’s help save lives through empowerment and making a change in our everyday lives. Taking time out for one another, listening to one another and caring for one another. No one wants to just give up, it’s just that they feel that everyone and everything has given up on them.