Taking to your children about bullying and suicide can be rough but as a parent or guardian but it is vital to their well being. You make a difference. Speaking to your children and listening with a sincere ear is key. Reminding your children how important they are and that you will be there with and for them through it all before things happen will help save your children from the darkness they may experience. Parental support can be the difference between hope and despair. You can do it, Start the Conversation.  

Q. How do I talk to my child about bullying, suicide and suicide prevention?

A. Use the resources and tips on healthy and effective conversation. Tell your children what bullying is, why it’s important not to bullying and the importance of respecting and accepting others. Show your children how bright they are no matter what they go through.

Ensure your children understand what suicide is and how to reach out for help. Ensure they know you won’t judge them but love them through any pain. Attend a parenting workshop with your child if your feel you need help. Contact our office for more assistance. Share the crisis hotline number with them 1-800-422-0009 and give them a Life Matters or You Mater Card. Pray with your children.

What to do when responding to a cry for help.

Things to ask/ say

Remember: You don’t have todo this alone, don’t take that risk, seek help!!!!



  • Establish a relationship with your kids so they talk to you about anything, even the things that are hard
  • If you are already teaching life skills GREAT, Be honest with you children and help them develop the skills that could save their life. Need help? Empowerment Essence is here.
  • Don’t worry brining awareness and talking about suicide won’t plant the ideas in their head.
  • Ask about their day
  • Ask if they have been or is being bullied
  • Spend one on one time and stay connected to what’s taking place in their life (It’s what parents don’t ask that could hurt later

I want to help Empowerment Essence programs and services. What can I do?


  • Contact our office today
  • Become a volunteer or advocate
  • Set up an event or conference in your area
  • Become a sponsor
  • Become a guest speaker

I want to do something at my school and have Empowerment Essence attend. What can I do?


  • Contact our office today
  • Talk to the School Board, Principal, Counselors, PTA, and other school personnel about why you feel your school needs bullying and or suicide prevention program. Share with them the services and programs of Empowerment Essence. If you would like a to arrange a speaking engagement contact Tya Newton for scheduling,
  • Hold a parent, youth or community night, summit, or conference. So many parents are unaware that there is a bullying or suicide problem in their area. The most difficult is finding out your very own child could be a bully or considering suicide “not my kid” syndrome is a common battle to overcome until it’s too late.
  • Order cards for the youth and young adults in your community. Making their cards available can help prevent the loss of another’s life. Make them available everywhere, especially is school (counseling office, administrative office, gym, after school programs etc.)

For any questions you may have we are here to help, don’t delay contact Empowerment Essence today.