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Empowerment Essence is a 501(c)3 organization registered and established in Maryland Oct. 2014. We are here to help those affected by Suicide and Bullying. Our founder is a survivor of bullying and two time survivor of suicide. We understand what our youth and young adults are experiencing and trying to overcome personally. Supporting ALL survivors & attempters of suicide, victims of bullying and survivors of bullying is our purpose. Our programs and training are offered to give education, hope, resources and empowerment to our youth and young adults. Supporting families, friends and all who are impacted by bullying and suicide. It is our mission to eradicate bullying and suicide. Bullying and Suicide go hand and hand. They both are also preventable.

Our I Matter and Life Matters Campaigns will help those in need see the light that has been clouded by the darkness and unmerited and unjust behavior towards others. Zero bullying will help Zero Suicides for our youth and young adults. Our programs, events, research, and fundraising events will not take but give to those in need beginning right here in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Many families are suffering financially and can not afford counseling services to deal with the issues our youth and young adults are facing. While some services are offered through insurance they are cut off after a period of time. Other families can’t recover financially after the death of their loved ones, barely being able to have a proper memorial or burial service. When the death of a child happens families suffer greatly and when the death of a parent happens our youth suffer greater. No college educations. No counseling and no means to continue to live the life that was thought out for them.

Our goal is to develop a community of supporters that will stand against the destructive behavior that causes so many to end life so suddenly. A community of supporters that will love those hurting, help others cope and desire to save lives. Everyone one matters, our youth and young adults are our future and what a empty future it would be without each and everyone of them.

Process over perfection, healing over hurt and love over pain is the key. Our programs and partnership with you and others will education everyone on how we as a whole can make a difference. Suicide, Bullying do not discriminate! They take no regard for status or financial security but they do take lives prematurely and permanently.

Please visit, like and share the Empowerment Essence Facebook page. Become a supporter, stay connected and donate to Empowerment Essence as we move forward to save the lives of others. Website Coming Soon.

Thank You
Empowerment Essence
“One Life Saved is One Life Given

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