There are multiple signs a individual may be contemplating suicide. While all cases are different there are both verbal and no verbal signs one should be aware of. What seems to be at times a single event may be the overwhelming” final straw” for many. No one event should be overlooked or ignored in one’s life. Ongoing stressful situations, depression or hopelessness may also contribute to one wanting to end their pain. Listen to the silent cries. Here are a few signs and please be advised that these signs do not represent all factors of an individual contemplating suicide:
  • Change in behavior or acting differently than normal

  • Talking about go away or wanting to die. Some may say I want to kill myself (Don’t take it lightly)

  • Researching ways to harm oneself (online, through movies etc.)

  • Looking for medicines not needed

  • Saying they no longer have a reason to live or feel hopeless

  • Talk about feeling trapped in an unbearable pain

  • Talk about being a burden to family, friends or others

  • Increase use of drugs and or alcohol

  • Increased anxiety or agitated reckless behavior

  • Increased sleeping or not sleeping at all

  • Withdrawing from friends or isolating from friends or family

  • Lack of interest in things that were important

  • Saying good bye

  • Extreme mood swings

  • Giving away possessions

  • Becoming obsessed with death

  • Displaying self hatred

  • A sudden extreme calm after displaying deep depression