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The Journey Forward

Great day dear King and or Queen, yes you the one sitting right here with me and wondering WHY? Why am I

The Journey Forward2018-02-02T18:43:01+00:00

8 Things Kids Can Say and Do to Stop Bullying

Neuroscience shows us definitively that acts of kindness change the brain and that school-based programs that specifically integrate the teaching of kindness

8 Things Kids Can Say and Do to Stop Bullying2018-01-05T18:16:32+00:00

How Bullying Looks to Teens

Why does school-based bullying happen? We went to the source and asked students for insight We asked teenagers from around the country

How Bullying Looks to Teens2017-11-06T13:07:39+00:00

When Your Child Wants to Die

When people you love struggle with suicidal thoughts, it is one of the most painful things to deal with. When it is

When Your Child Wants to Die2017-10-30T12:44:23+00:00