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Instagram Unveils a Bully Filter

Instagram said Tuesday it was expanding its online anti-bullying initiative, adding a new filter to weed out comments meant to harass or

Instagram Unveils a Bully Filter2018-05-21T16:24:19+00:00

Childhood bullying ‘damages adult life’

Bullying in childhood "throws a long shadow" into victims' adult lives, suggests research indicating long-term negative consequences for health, job prospects and

Childhood bullying ‘damages adult life’2018-04-30T11:12:26+00:00

For decades, people have argued that bullying is just a part of growing up, that parent – and educators – shouldn't worry


Hometown Hero: Shenetta Malkie-Sapp

Shenetta Malkia-Sapp was bullied throughout her childhood. She was thrown into a creek, teased about her hair and teased about her family.

Hometown Hero: Shenetta Malkie-Sapp2018-02-02T18:57:41+00:00