Bullying is a learned and taught behavior. It is not a person but the actions and intent of that person towards another. BULLYING on all levels needs to stop! Its repeated inhumane treatment or behavior from one to another. The intent is to hurt, embarrass, cause pain, dysfunction, insecurity, emotional distress and sometimes physical harm. Bullying is either physical, emotional, or both.

The behavior come in many forms: Teasing, cyber bullying, Texting, Phone calls, posting of one personal information or pictures, name calling, making threats, physical assaults, and can include sexual assaults

It is unwanted, aggressive behavior among children, teens, adults, co-workers, employees, employers, politicians, etc. It knows no name.

It involves taking away a ones power or ability to be secure and safe to be themselves. Some use their power (physical strength, position, embarrassing information, personal information, to control or harm others.


Bullying using electronic media like computers, cell phones, and game systems. Our digital interconnectedness makes bullying different and more damaging than it’s ever been before. It allows hatred and publicly humiliating, gossip or photos to be instantly far-reaching and inescapable as electronic media is everywhere. It can NOT simply be ignored. It can cause depression, anxiety, and desperation, which is a volatile mix for young people at a vulnerable stage in life

Now that we have the technical breakdown of what both are, do you think one your friends could be considered a person demonstrating bullying behavior? Do you think you may demonstrate bullying behavior? Don’t raise your hand?


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There is help for all who are bullied. It’s after effects cause depression and insecurity. Bullying can lead to suicide and or others acts of violence for our youth and adults. It rips the purity of security and confidence away from those who experience it.

It causes creativity to be diminished, leaving the possibilities of undiscovered talents untapped. Acceptance and respect of others is a right every person should experience.

Many witness these acts and turn their heads, while others watch, participate and approve this destructive behavior.

So how do we stop it and support those who are experiencing bullying including ourselves? Yes, you might be being bullied and scared to speak out and it’s ok to not be ok! We can talk one on one or maybe by the end of the conference you will be ok to speak out for yourself. YOU DO Matter!