Who is a Bully? 

A person who’s behavior under estimates the lives and legacy of another 


Under estimates the

Lives &

Legacy of



Are your children being bullied? Have you experienced or a victim of bullying today? Do you know someone who is being bullied or has been bullied?

There is help for all who are bullied. It’s after effects cause depression and insecurity. Bullying can lead to suicide and or others acts of violence for our youth and adults. It rips the purity of security and confidence away from those who experience it. It causes creativity to be diminished, leaving the possibilities of undiscovered talents untapped. Acceptance and respect of others is a right every person should experience. Many witness these acts and turn their heads, while others watch, participate and approve this destructive behavior. It’s important to watch the behavior of our youth and ourselves. None deserves to feel inadequate. We all can change the outlook of bullying and bring it to an end through education, outreach and the empowering of others. Share love and be love. Let others shine and remind them how important and talented they are. We all matter and life matters. You matter so speak out and seek help as needed.

“One Life Saved is One Life Given”

B- Betrayed

U – Underestimated

L – lies

L – Long Suffering

I – inadequacy

E – explosive

D – denied

Bullying has many different forms and there are many signs. Did you know the environments in which bullying takes place also varies? From the schoolyards, playgrounds, campuses and even the work places it’s important we understand what it is. There are many situations that come about as a result of bullying such as insecurity, depression, mental illness, physical abuse and suicide just to name a few. While the situations sometime speak larger than life the environments can be places we would never imagine.

The daycare is one place parents take their children to be safe and learn while they work but at daycare your child may be taught they are ugly or not able to have what the other kids have. In school we trust they will learn the skills needed to have a great life but they are taught, they don’t matter, their appearance is not ok or if you don’t do this you will suffer. In the workplace a person does not get invited with others to participate in after work activities with the group because they don’t fit. They don’t make the money and they did not agree with a standard that has always been accepted so they are cast out. The Internet is used to bring to light many people’s embarrassing moments or to tear down their confidence in what they are working on. From fitting rooms to the restrooms. Bullying can take place any where and it’s our job to bring it to an end.

Some cases you will find the bullying is confined like on sports teams, pageants, and other small groups but the effect is the same. No matter what form it takes, where the environment may be we need to be aware so we can help bring it to an end.