What, Huhhhh, I can’t hear you! The words I use when I’m tuning out anything that goes against what I believe. I don’t have time to listen to doubt, Fear or dream thieves. Some may be stuck in their thinking but don’t stay with them.
I’m not ignoring anyone; I’m just focused on what’s needed to keep growing. If things and people don’t fit, no worries, Pause, Pray and release them. You’ll gain greater and be at peace.

Psalms 93:4 The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea than the mighty waves of the sea.

Somethings have to be cut off. If not they will cut your lifeline off, suffocate your visions, dreams and who you really are! #CutTheCord



1.       I think we need to cut it! Let the cutting game begin. What words are you cutting from our vocabulary today? This is some that you say because it’s been spoken over you so much.