YES YOU ARE! Life has significance and so do you. Today you are ready to see a new life within your current life. You’re looking at things from a hope prospective and not a it’s over perspective. You’re looking at yourself celebrating your efforts, lessons learned and accomplishments. Come on BIG smile right here, you know the day or week you had!

Yes, you make mistakes but you learned.
Yes, you fell but you got back up.
Yes, some left you but you needed it. Devine, heathy relationships be yours.
Yes, bills are blowing your mind but God is and supplying all of your needs. #Promise
Yes, you lost the job and are confused. Well get ready for your new business or new assignment today. It’s real and birthed. Speak it, See it, CLAIM IT and TRUST GOD!
Yes, the kids and or family or trying you but they are your loved ones and you are graced to handle it all. Don’t forget tp hideaway for 30 minutes just to refresh you. #YouMatter

You see everything in life has been prepared just for you. Let’s reveal the beautiful colors of life in our everyday situations. They colors are Hope, Love, Peace, Acceptance and Faith. Jewels of Life! #Live ~Malkia